Oma Almost Dies on Vacation. Again. It’s a Recurring Theme.

Oma and her sister took another vacation together.  On some level, their trip may have been less stressful than the one she took with her sweet children two weeks earlier (ahem), but Oma and her sister always have a near death experience.  Their collective children have come to expect wild stories and even Ed the Awesome likes hearing about their misadventures.

Oma and her sister had a relatively uneventful trip to Disney World last year, but they’re both in their 60’s and felt like they hadn’t really had the chance to experience everything Disney had to offer.  Last year, they each lost 10 pounds because of all the walking they did, enjoyed a home cooked meal every night in their condo thanks to Oma’s exceptional cooking abilities (some might say that cooking is merely following directions, but I assure you, there is significantly more involved if you want a truly great meal), and Oma relaxed with a glass of wine in the evenings.  Oma also came back with wicked tan lines on her feet.  (Totally unfair.  She could have given me some melanocytes in the womb if she had wanted.) But, they each felt like they hadn’t seen every single thing Disney had to offer, so they went back this year.

Their first five days were uneventful, so we all waited with bated breath for the text or call that began with, “You won’t believe what happened to us.”

I got the text while I was at work on Thursday.  There was a pretty significant thunderstorm and lightning had struck the condo above theirs.  The upstairs condo’s kitchen was on fire.  They were waiting for security to check out the unit.  There was smoke in the hallway.  They were waiting in their rental car in the pouring rain until they knew it was safe to go back.  (It turns out the condo above theirs wasn’t on fire.  Oma didn’t know and still doesn’t know where the smoke was coming from.)

I got more details on Sunday.  Oma tells a much more dramatic story in person and she likes to save details for when she gets back home.  She and her sister had been in their condo that afternoon because of the thunderstorm when they heard lightning which sounded like it had struck extremely close to them.  They opened the door and saw the people from the upstairs condo racing down, fear evident on all of their faces.  Oma asked what had happened and the mother barely eeked out that lightning had come through the window into the kitchen, right next to their son.  Oma and her sister grabbed their belongings and raced to their rental car, getting sopping wet in the downpour, and stayed there for the next couple of hours until they were given the all clear that their condo was safe.  Mom was most upset about the little boy who had almost been hit by the lightning and how terrified he looked, but he too was not hurt.  I think his scared eyes might haunt her dreams for a while though.

So once again, Oma is either doing something really wrong because she has a near death experience on every vacation, or she’s doing something really right because she always comes home from these vacations unscathed.


Brother Love

Baby brothers are awesome.  I just love the look of grudging tolerance.  He was wonderful to get dressed up on vacation with my boy because he was the only other person who could fit into the armor. Damn. Diet time for me.