I Have a New Found Love

I used to think that I had had my children to settle some strong maternal desire deep within my soul.  I was so wrong.  I had children so they could play basketball at the peewee level.  Why? Because it’s the funniest thing EVER!!!  I was  getting irritated with the whole “new sport” thing when they were just practicing because they were really, really bad.  To be fair, they were bad because they had never before played basketball and they had gotten no parental instruction or direction prior to the beginning of the season.  Then, I finally got to see them play a game against another team.  Because of my horrible schedule working as a nurse (and it doesn’t matter if a nurse works day shift or night shift, all of the hospital shifts encroach upon family events), I had missed the first two games.

1.  Almost every play can turn into a free-for-all, tackling, falling over each other, dog pile.

2. The referees might not know how to tie shoes well when they start a game, but they’ll get plenty of practice throughout the game.

3.  Dribbling is optional!

4. “Helicopters” is an acceptable form of warming up exercise.  It’s good during the game too.

5.  Logan got the ball on a rebound at the last game.  He got really excited and gave the ball a bear hug.  He took off running down the court while hugging the ball, not dribbling once.  The whistle was blown and the other team got the ball back, but Ed is really excited about the great football instincts he has.  I laughed so hard watching Logan that I almost fell off of the bleachers.

6.  The girls are the best players on any of the teams.  I realize that this isn’t necessarily something that the mother of sons should love, but I do love the girl power shown.

7.  I’m still enjoying the climate control immensely.  The thing I never liked about soccer was that it was played outside when the weather was still too cold to be enjoyed.  Many people would call the weather I don’t like spring-like, but I’m from Texas and I don’t want to have to wear jeans in order to be comfortable.  I’m happy outside when I’m sweating while wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

8.  This season is almost over!!  I realize the end of the season of my new favorite sport shouldn’t be on the list of why I like the sport, but I like that this seems to be a short season and I’m ready for a break from the organized sports.