Saturday Night’s Adventure

I left off my story with Ed, the boys, and myself just getting home after enjoying an exciting adventure in the country.  Our plan for Saturday night was that Ed was going to act in the last performance of his play and I was going to take the boys up to the country club at the lake where my mother was staying for the night with my grandmother, Nana, aunt, cousin, brother Jacob, and his very lovely girlfriend, Bri.  The boys had fallen asleep in the car on the ride home and when we got home, Trip was still exhausted and, after being in the country doing boyish things for several hours, they both stunk.  I put Trip in bed and told him to finish his nap which he actually did.  Mom called seven times to ask where we were.   Logan and Ed each got cleaned up.   Trip woke up after finishing a short nap and got cleaned up too.  All of this cleaning up took a bit of time, so we were finally ready to leave the house around 7:00 p.m.  I may have spent a bit of time primping myself as well.  But while we were getting ready to go to the hoity toity country club, another spring storm rolled in.  Black, ominous clouds filled the sky.  Ed and I talked about the weather and looked at the weather on our phones.  Pink on a radar map is a very bad thing.  I told Ed that I could drive in rain and the boys and I would be fine.  I really wanted to see my mom.  As the boys and I were walking out to my Suburban, the tornado sirens started going off.  I looked at Ed and said I guessed we would be staying in tonight.  Ed left for his play because tornado and hail or not, the play must go on.  And the play house offered better protection for his vehicle.  My father in law knocked on my door as Ed was leaving and asked if the boys and I would like to stay at their house during the storm.  After seeing the pink on the radar and hearing the tornado sirens, I quickly said yes.  I had some good reasons for saying yes.  The only room downstairs in my house without a window is my tiny pantry.  Even the closet has a window!  My in-laws have two large closets with no windows and a large bathroom with no windows.  Also, the boys and I hadn’t eaten in hours and we were all starving.  There was nothing but chicken nuggets in my freezer and there was the possibility of food at my in-laws.  No brainer!

So the boys and I were safely deposited at my in-laws.  The rest of my family was not quite so safe.  Mom, Nana, Jacob, Bri, the aunt and cousin were up on the lake at the country club in the thick of the storm.  They had enjoyed a nice dinner with several adult beverages when the tornado sirens started sounding.  All of the country club guests were ushered to the bottom floor from the third floor restaurant and told to get under the stairs.  Now, my Nana is 89 years old and she would kill me if she knew I wrote that because she is still claiming 79.  She has had multiple knee surgeries and has to use a walker to get around.  Her walker is one of those fancy schmancy ones that has a seat on it in case she gets tired.  She’s a consummate lady though who always has her make up flawless and  hair perfectly coiffed.  Mom is no slacker in the hair and make up department either.  Everyone had dressed up to enjoy their night at the country club.  So they were dressed up and hiding under a stair well as baseball sized hail stones pummeled the building.  High winds whistled through the buildings keeping everyone on edge.  And, they had the pleasure of camping out under the stairs for over an hour. 

I’m not really sure about where Jacob and Bri were, but they weren’t in the main building with the four ladies.  But Jacob, always the freakishly adventurous caring gentleman, went back and forth in the storm between their two buildings to check on mom and Nana and then back to check on Bri.  Jacob did manage to run between the buildings in the hail without being severely injured.

The boys and I made the trek out to the country club the next morning for church and a big lunch with the family.  Mom and Nana looked tired but put together.  Mom told me that there was a tornado that touched down between two of the buildings at the country club, but I think she may have been watching the news before her coffee finished brewing.  I can’t really refute her claim though because I hadn’t watched the news.  It’s so much easier to check the weather on my phone.  (Yes, I am completely enamored with my phone.)  I can say that none of the buildings of the country club were knocked down.

The boys got to go on an Easter egg hunt at the country club and got thoroughly sweaty before we ate lunch.  It was their second Easter egg hunt of the morning.  The first was at church. There’s nothing quite like a belly full of candy to get little boys ready for a big lunch in a restaurant where they need to behave like civilized human beings.  Besides, they’ll eat more when they’ve had an appetizer, right?

Jacob, Trip, and Logan were all dressed in blue and white striped shirts and I thought it would be lovely to get a picture of them together. I tried and tried to get a picture of them together, but they weren’t having it.

The three of them might have wrestled enough to piss off Oma, who was already irritated because the restaurant was not ready to set us at our reservation time.  So, the three of them were separated until we got to eat.

Nana returned home exhausted and rejuvenated, having had her most exciting night in years.  There’s nothing like a near death experience to get your blood flowing.


Running in the Hail

Ed and I run three miles several times a week.  I haven’t mentioned it here before because there is usually nothing fantastically good or bad about the jogs.  Yesterday was a bit different though. 

I picked up the boys after work and took them to Ed’s office.  We left the boys with his parents to go for our jog.  I had seen a storm rolling in as I drove to the office, but afternoon spring storms in north Texas have a tendency to roll through very quickly.  There is another great thing about spring storms in Texas too.  It’s already warm here.  The temperature had already reached 90 degrees when we stepped outside to jog.  Rain will drop the temperature by about 20 degrees very quickly.  We were also under time constraints because we had tickets to the Texas Rangers game and had to leave town by 5:00, so we had to run when we did or we wouldn’t have been able to run at all.

So we stepped out the back door of Ed’s office and looked up at the ominous clouds to the north and started our jog anyway.  We run downtown and count blocks to make sure we get in the three miles.  The air was thick and humid.  Our run was going really well.  I was able to run at a faster pace because I’ve lost a few pounds. (Woohoo!)  We had almost finished the first mile when we felt the first, fat drops fall from the sky.  The rain held off for another few blocks.  When we got to  a little over a mile, the rain really started to come down.  The air cooled and a nice breeze blew.  We continued running because it felt so good.  My hair, which I had washed that morning, got wet from the rain and stuck to my face.  The only make up I was wearing was on my eyes, but if it ran, who cared? We were going to a baseball game.  No need to look like a million bucks.  It’s not like my hair would hold a curl anyway. 

We were running in an empty parking lot when I saw the first hail hit the ground.  I told Ed that it was hailing and picked up a piece of pea sized hail to show him.  The hail was small though, pea sized.  Small hail doesn’t hurt much.  We jogged to a church across the street and took cover under a covered walkway.  Our jog was stopped for about ten minutes so the hail could grow to ping pong ball sized ice bullets.  Hail that big does hurt when it hits you.  We heard the thunder roll once and saw one huge clap of lightning, but no more until after our jog.

We decided that the hail had stopped enough that we could finish our run.  Running through the rain is wonderful.  The cool air instantly  cools the sweat on your skin.  Ed got grazed by a rather large piece of hail on his leg, but it only stung him.  We ended up following the rain storm as it moved slowly south, keeping our run comfortable.

Just as we finished running, the rain stopped and the heat returned, turning the air muggy.  We hurried back to the office and grabbed the boys so we could change our clothes and drive to the Rangers game.

Spring Flowers Finally Come to Texas

I think this is an azalea bush.  It’s blooming along with the unkempt bushes beside my house.  We aren’t really sure if it’s on our property or not and the neighbor feels the same way, so they grow wild and everyone leaves them alone.   

The azalea brightens our spring and every year I say I’m going to cut some branches to bring inside and every year I forget to cut them until it’s too late. Azalea branches should only be cut and brought inside before they start growing their leaves.  It’s Southern Gardening Law.  You heard it here.


Hungry, hungry bee!

Another of my neighbors has some beautiful flowering trees in their yard.  People will stare at you very strangely when you’re taking pictures of trees that aren’t  your own.    Oh, it’s  just me? Dang!

Would you really want to see a huge oak tree that still hasn’t dropped all of it’s leaves?  How about two in the front yard?  I thought not.  I didn’t want to take pictures of them either.  I’m ready for all of the dead leaves to fall off of the oaks already! 

For the last six years, every time this tree has bloomed the very pretty white flowers, I’ve had the worst sinus infections.  Not this year though, so I guess it’s actually another plant causing my discomfort. 

I love my daffodils.  These were here long before we bought the house.

I  planted these daffodils last fall and they inspired this post

I think this is a hyacinth.  Whatever it is, I planted it after receiving it last year.  My planting thumb is not completely decayed!

Shivering in Texas

This was our gorgeous Saturday.  It would have been perfect if I hadn’t been laid up with back issues, but it was still pretty dang good.  Days like this in January are why I live in Texas and not Manhattan.  I should be able to wear shorts or a short-sleeved shirt in January if I want to! Dammit!  I shouldn’t have to deal with snow more than once.  I’m sure it’s in a contract somewhere around here….  No? I’m really cold now.  The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday has gotten much colder than it was on Saturday. 

The good news?  Yes, there is good news!  I’m not working tomorrow.  The anti-inflammatories have taken care of my spasming back muscles.  The boys are probably going to be home from school tomorrow.  I foresee lots of warm clothes and a few board games in our future.  Hopefully, we won’t all go stir-crazy!