Unsalted Cat Turds

We had Rangers baseball tickets for the second Wednesday after I got back from vacation and I spent more than a week thinking I was on heart call for surgery (I love my new job!) and couldn’t go to the game with Ed and the boys.  I thought I was on call right up until I left work at 3:00 that afternoon when I double checked the call schedule and found out I was not on call.  Score!  I called Ed and told him I could go to the game.  Fortunately, he hadn’t found anyone to take my ticket.

We hopped into Ed’s SUV and drove an hour and a half to the Ballpark at Arlington.  It’s a drive we make fairly frequently.  The boys, as they tend to do, told plenty of fart jokes and farted and said, “You’re welcome, Mommy!”

Red lights are red.

Green lights are green.

How much can I fart if I eat one pinto bean?

They are a gift to poetry.

At some point in the drive, Logan became upset with Trip and was trying to illustrate how cruel Trip was to him.

“He really doesn’t love me!  He’s so mean to me!  He’s so mean, he gave me cat turds for Christmas last year!”

He gave you WHAT?

“He gave me cat turds and made me eat them!”

Oh, the horror!

“It’s not funny, Dad!”

I agree, boy.  It’s not funny.

Giggle.  Snort. (From Trip, not Logan.)

“He didn’t even put salt on them before he made me eat them!”

Logan was distraught!

I died laughing!  I couldn’t hold it back anymore.  The poor boy was so upset though about the mistreatment he had withstood at the hands of his brother.

We got to the game and bought lots and lots of food.  Logan and Trip are at an age where they can finally appreciate a good baseball game without constant intervention and placation.  In the fourth inning, the Rangers had done something which resulted in a sponsored giveaway for the fans.  We all got coupons to Denny’s for a free grand slam breakfast with the purchase of a drink.  After lots and lots of explaining what the coupons meant, Logan decided it was time to bargain.  I told him I’d give him my pancakes because I can’t have them anyway with my paleo diet.  Never mind that I don’t like pancakes anyway and wouldn’t eat them even if I wasn’t following any kind of diet, I would just give them to him.  Logan didn’t want my theoretical pancakes.  He wanted my bacon.  Naturally, I refused.  We’re talking bacon here.  I’m not giving it up!  Logan threatened to eat my arm because I wouldn’t commit to giving him the bacon from the free breakfast.  I told him my arm was paleo and asked him if he was turning into a cannibal.  He grinned, licked his lips, and tasted my arm.  He threw my arm back at me, saying it tasted like I hadn’t showered in weeks.

Demon child!

As I protested his assertion, he assured me he was still going to eat my arm, I just needed to clean it first.


Ranger Games and Family Meetings

There’s something awesome that happens when you have seventeen first cousins (I think it’s 17, it might be more) on one side of your family and most of them live within driving distance.  There’s a fairly good chance you can end up at the same sporting event or movie or any other activity or restaurant imaginable just because there are so many of us.  For the first Ranger game that Ed and I saw this year with the boys, my cousins Ashley and Crista were there along with their SO’s and some other friends.  I found them on their side first.

And then they found us in our seats.  Trip got to ask Ashley about his newest cousin/her son.  That little boy loves babies!

And that was the sweet face Trip showed them!  Yep, he was covered in cinnamon and sugar from his pretzel.  Kids need sugar at an event like this!  It should be law!

It makes them crash harder on the way home! 

Now you can say you learned something today!

Texas Rangers Tuesday game!

We took the boys to the Texas Rangers game Tuesday against the LAAAA of A.  We had a pretty good time.  The boys are now able to pay attention to about three innings of a game which is a big improvement.  Trip had nachos (with NO jalapenos!) and Logan had two hotdogs and they filled a soda pop full of floaties.  Thunder storms rolled through DFW but the game was not rained out and we didn’t feel a drop of rain during the game.  The boys stayed awake for the whole game and even walked to the car afterwards.  The boys really have no choice but to walk to the car after any event because they are way too heavy to carry anymore.

Logan should be in movies because this picture was totally staged.   I enjoy taking pictures, but I’m not good enough with an iPhone camera to take that picture as an action shot!

This one is an action shot.  All three of my guys paying attention to the game!  Magical!

Cute, but fake smile.  Trip is so ready to start losing his baby teeth so the tooth fairy can visit him.  It’s just not happening yet.

We obviously dress to the nines when we go out! 🙂

There was this really handsome guy sitting three seats down from me and he smiled when I was taking a picture of my kid.

The stadium looked great.  They have a new jumbo screen that is ENORMOUS!  They’ve put in quite a few new kinds of food stands that I can’t wait to try when I’m not looking after munchkins.  It was a great family night.

Rangers Baseball

When the munchkins were tiny, Ed the Awesome decided he wanted to get a mini set of season tickets to see the Texas Rangers.  I agreed that it would be a fun outing for us and that I could leave the munchkins a home with his parents or my mother long enough for us to enjoy the games.  We enjoyed the 2005 season immensely.  I’m not sure how many games they won or lost, but Ed probably does.  The 2006 season was great too.  Same for 2007.  We didn’t even consider taking the boys to any of those games.  It’s hard enough for me to dodge fly balls without trying to shield an infant or toddler, so this wasn’t a hard decision for either of us.  But by 2008, I was reasonably confident in the boys walking abilities and firmly declared that this was the year that we would take the boys to a Rangers game.

We got to the game early to make sure we got the boys their special (free) batting helmets.  It was cold, so they opted to wear their  batting helmets over their jacket hoods.  These boys are fashionable!

They looked so big at the time, but now they look like they were just babies!

Three and a half was too young for them to appreciate the Rangers.  I had wanted them to see a game and they couldn’t have cared less.  I learned my lesson for that year.

I was not to be deterred though from my desire to have the boys appreciate and enjoy baseball!  We tried again when they were 4 1/2.  We got there early for them to get their free Josh Hamilton jerseys.  Can you see a trend here?  And with all of the food available at a ball game, the only thing they would eat was a hot dog.  At that point, I wondered whether or not they were my children.  They were still too young to enjoy seeing the game, or even to focus on anything happening on the field.

When they were 5 1/2, our endeavors were finally met with success!  They loved the game!  They actually watched a few minutes  of it.  Trip though has discovered the true joy of baseball games:  cute girls!  He spent almost the entire game starring at a couple of teenaged girls sitting behind us.

They were exhausted after the games!

The 2011 season is starting soon and I’m already excited!