He Took My Camera

There’s something that happens when you let a child use your camera.  First, you have to get over the fear that said child is going to drop or otherwise break your camera.  Next, you have to be prepared for the pictures said child takes.  Many times they are not focused or have chopped of the heads of their subject.  Fortunately, with digital cameras, those ‘bad’ pictures can be erased.

I am glad Logan took this picture of his daddy’s backside!  I do love some muscular legs!


This one I could’ve erased but didn’t.  I wanted you to be prepared for the next one.


This picture of me is not flattering.  Not in the least.  That’s not what was traumatic about the picture for me though.  Logan took the picture, then looked at the screen of the camera and shuddered.  Shuddered!  In revulsion!


Yes, I’m sweaty and not wearing any makeup and my hair is in a sloppy bun, but come on, boy!  It wasn’t that bad!!!  It wasn’t shudder worthy.


5 thoughts on “He Took My Camera

  1. My girl does the same thing. I’ll open my phone and they’ll be a stupid amount of pics of her making faces and all kinds of silliness.

    And no. You are totally NOT shudder worthy! Bee-u-tee-ful. That’s what we all see!!


    • I wish mine just left me with silly pictures of themselves on my camera! They tell me they don’t want to do that because I might put it on facebook–little monsters!

      And you are too kind! It takes a bit of make up and soap and primping before I look good on film now and an even bigger miracle for my eyes to be open in the picture! Ha!

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