Relearning To Swim

The boys and I went swimming at a local pool with some friends recently and well, I’m a bit of a slacker mom at times and they hadn’t been swimming in about 10 months.  Shame on me!  I told them on the way there that they had to prove to me they could still swim before they could go in the deep end by swimming two laps across the shallow end without stopping.  It’s a good thing I made them try swimming laps first because they had forgotten almost everything they once knew!  Logan, who is my extrovert and who insists on being the center of attention, especially when in a crowd, barely spoke to anyone for an hour and a half because he was busy retraining his body to swim.  Nothing was going to deter him from becoming a good swimmer and nothing did.  Trip remembered fairly quickly how to swim and became the center of attention.

He is now, and I suspect always will be, a ladies man.


It’s hard getting munchkins to look at the camera when they’re having a good time!


Yogulous was so proud of himself when he finally was confident in his swimming skills!




Two of my girlfriends were there and we all have kids in the same class.  They were both life guards in their teens and kept a constant eye on the boys.  All together, we had seven kids there and I must have counted to seven a million times, but every second was fun!

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