This Boy Is Gross Too.

This boy.  He, too, is disgusting.  He’s cute, but totally disgusting.


His favorite sentence is, “Hey Mom, look at this!”

And I turn and look at him and am immediately grossed out.  It’s because he does this.


(He kind of looks like he’s possessed when he does that.)

And this.


This is the regular shoulder.


See?  Nice and round and not popped out of place.


This is his newest gross thing.  The thumb should not look like that.


Try it.  I bet your thumb won’t tuck back behind your forefinger knuckle.  Or maybe that’s normal and I’m getting old and arthritic.

Aren’t you glad I shared those with you?

2 thoughts on “This Boy Is Gross Too.

  1. can he flip his eyelids yet?? hahaha!! and, no..i tried, and my thumb cannot do that…but i will work on it, haha! thanks for sharing!!

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