I Am A Slacker, But I Finally Have Florida Pictures

I am a total slacker.  At least, some times I am.  I have hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures waiting to be put into albums.  I’m pretty sure that means I take too many pictures.  It’s not likely to change any time soon.  I took a ton of pictures in Florida too.  Florida is where Jacob and I were headed when we rode next to each other on the airplane.

We went on a really weird sort of family trip.  It was weird in that the vacation, which started out as just a girl’s trip for only me and mom,  ended up including me, mom, and both brothers.  We haven’t taken a vacation like that in almost fifteen years.  Why?  Because of Ed.  I got married. I had kids.  It just didn’t happen again.

It was weird for me too in that I was the child instead of the parent on the vacation.  I had no one dependent on me to wake up and make breakfast for them.  (Not that my munchkins are dependent on me for breakfast now.  They’re kind of independent and totally awesome.  They can peel their own bananas!)  So every morning, or whenever I decided to wake up, I woke to the smell of bacon cooking and coffee brewing.  Absolutely wonderful!


Mom and I walked on the beach several mornings.


It rained five of the seven days we were there, but usually not for long, except for the day Tropical Storm Andrea rolled through.



Mom and I walked along the beach in the evening too.  Brian and Jacob were never interested in just strolling along the beach.  Weirdos!


Sand Mermaid!  They’re real!


Jacob and I might have enjoyed an adult beverage or three.  I might have enjoyed an adult beverage on the beach.  I know red wine is not what most people drink when they drink on the beach, but it was what I wanted so it was what I drank.



Mom’s jacked up foot gets better tans than I do!


Mom, Brian, and I went on an air boat ride through the Everglades.  We had a picture taken of the three of us, but my eyes were closed and I deleted the picture.  Shocking, I know.


We saw alligators!  And vultures!  Birds and plants too.


The vultures were on the aptly named Vulture Island.



B-Dog held an alligator!


On our last day to swim, Brian and I went snorkeling together while Mom and Jacob stayed in the condo.  We wanted to see some sort of sea life during our stay and hadn’t seen any at all!  The water got to chest high for us pretty quickly, which really isn’t saying much because we are not tall people, but it stayed that deep for quite a bit.  We swam out to the buoys and still didn’t see anything.  We kept on swimming because the water wasn’t very deep.  Visibility wasn’t great, but it was some of the best visibility that the water had had while we were there. So we were swimming and snorkeling and we knew we were getting to some pretty deep water.  We were not paying attention to how far out from shore we were getting.  Both of us had our snorkeling masks down, looking for any form of sea life at all when suddenly, there was movement.  Massive movement.  It was a giant sting ray the size of a car hood!  The diameter was at leave 5 feet across!  I freaked out!  Brian wanted to stay and look for it.  I insisted we get back to shore.  Big sisters win this kind of argument.  Then we realized just how far out we had swum.  Oh my goodness!

Brian lamented that we didn’t have an underwater camera.  I was grateful neither of us got stung by the sting ray.

And then we came home.  I was tired of everyone and missing my babies and sweet husband desperately.  I was tired of not being the mom.  A week away from my babies is definitely too long for me!

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