Boys, An Update

My babies are growing up so fast!  The Friday before last was their last day of school for second grade.  The second they got in the car, they informed me they were now third graders.  They’ve taken great delight in telling Ms. Brittney, who has been Trip’s teacher since he was two years old and Logan’s since he started first grade, that she will only have one more year with them.  I’m pretty sure it’s their way of preparing themselves for the transition.

They spent the last week at Ed’s office.  They’ve spent the week playing hallway soccer with Daddy and Granddad, who cheat horribly.  They play up and down the entire first floor hallway where plenty of glass framed pictures are precariously hung on the walls, waiting for the soccer ball to bounce off of them so they can shatter on the tile floor.  Granny is there, midway down the hall, just waiting to encourage the boys against their cheating Daddy and Granddad.  She’s helpful like that.  Unfortunately with all of the cheating, Logan and Trip have to call for rematches many, many times.  It’s a little amazing any work has been done this last week.

Logan informed me on Thursday that he could bench press a whole plate more than Trip.  Dude was right.  Logan can bench 45 pounds which means he can bench press just as much as I can.  He can also leg press 80 pounds but I’ve still got him by a long shot there.

They start summer school tomorrow.  It’s summer school because their school offers it, not because it’s required.  If they didn’t go to summer school, they would have to go to Ed’s office all summer long and they would be horribly bored and then they would turn into video game zombies.  We can’t have that.  They go on field trips two or three times per week during summer school.  They don’t have homework during the summer which is absolutely awesome!

Where did the time go?  How did my babies turn into third graders?  Isn’t there someone I can talk to about slowing this whole thing down?  This age is perfect!  I want to keep them here.

One thought on “Boys, An Update

  1. well, in the immortal words of Kenny Chesney..”don’t blink!” I gotta say though, you have an awesome method for capturing a preserving memories!!

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