My Beachy Pedicure

I’ve had a vacation to Florida planned for the last few months with my Mommy.  My brothers then decided to tag along.  They’re moochers like that.  Fortunately, I like them both.  One of the necessary preparatory measures my mother and I feel necessary for a trip to the beach is the pre-beach pedicure.  Since our trip is a mere 7 days away, today was the day for said pedicure.  I didn’t worry about being on call for work.  I’m now on the surgical heart team.  It’s a new position for me and I absolutely love the change I’ve made.  I’ve been taking call since I started and I haven’t been called in on the weekend once.  Not one single time!

So, I texted mom yesterday and we made firm early morning pedicure plans.  I picked her up this morning and we made a Starbucks run before our pedicures.  We picked out our nail polish colors and sat side by side in our massage chairs and then dipped our feet into the warm water.  We were about 5 minutes into our pedicures when my phone rang.  It was the hospital.  I was being called in for an emergency procedure.

I rushed out of my chair as mom and the lady doing my pedicure both asked if I couldn’t stay to finish my pedicure.

Nope.  I couldn’t.  I had to leave immediately.  Except that I had to pay before they would let me leave.  Five minutes into a pedicure and I had to pay.  Dammit.

I paid.  The lady was very nice and begged me to come back so she could finish her work.  I took her card.

I rushed to work.  I changed clothes quickly and got to work.  Five hours later, we finally got to leave.

I still love my job, even after the Saturday morning and afternoon interuption.  I called the nail salon on my way out to my car.

Six hours after starting my pedicure, I was finally going to finish it.

Five minutes into the second attempt at the pedicure, I got a text from the team leader from the heart team.

“Would it be cruel for me to tell you we may go back to surgery with that patient?” she texted.

“Exceedingly.  I just sat down for the rest of my pedicure.  Please tell me you’re kidding,” I texted back.  I started sweating.  I was panicking.  I did not want to go back for another five hours.  The state of my toes was seriously at stake.

“Yeah, I saw your car,” she texted back.

So, so mean!!!

And I am so, so glad she was joking!!

I finally got to finish my pedicure.

Florida, get ready for me and my beautiful toes!!

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