New Rules for “Sick” Children

Alright, my dearies,  you know I always try to pass along any insights into this parenting game as I figure them out.  The little boys are 8 years old now and this parenting gig has taken on a whole new level of difficulty.  One of the tricks they like to play on me is claiming to be sick so I’ll let them stay home from school.  Now obviously, I have no problem letting a truly sick child stay home from school.  They also make a trip to the doctor’s office.  My problem is when I have been duped.  I have come up with a couple of pretty good rules for the “sick” children.

1. There are no electronics.  If you’re sick, you can sleep or read in your room.

This one usually gets the straggler out of his grumpy mood and well on his way into school clothes and out the door.  If it doesn’t work and the parent at home has still been duped, there’s the next rule.

2.  If you’re sick enough to stay home, you’re too sick to speak.

This one can seem a little rough.  Obviously, I don’t mean that they can’t tell me something important.  I mean they can’t stand in front of me while I’m working on my literary career (ha!) in the morning and jabber away about nothing at all until they’re blue in the face.  I’ve fallen for their ruse.  I’ve let them stay home.  I will baby a sick little boy.  I will not listen to endless observations from a non-sick child on a writing day.

My rules might sound a bit draconian, but the boys have learned how to pull the wool over my eyes.  It’s adapt or lose my standing now.


One thought on “New Rules for “Sick” Children

  1. You’re a nurse. You can imagine how hard it would be for a parent to know what to do in that situation. It’s even more difficult when the child is too young to talk.

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