I Took the Boys to an Amazing Theater and They Made Me Feel Really Old

Ed the Awesome has been working on a play for quite some time now.  He plays Rochefort in The Three Musketeers at our local community theater.  He has had to learn to stage fence and has grown out an amazing, mountain man beard, which he intends to shave a full thirty minutes after the last play is over.  Since he has been so busy, the little boys and I have had a ton of time to spend together.

Last Friday, the little boys and I went to the Rialto Theater in Denison with a friend of mine and her son.  It’s a fabulous old theater in downtown Denison which fortunately made it through all these years intact.  A couple of local guys bought it and renovated it, keeping the feeling of a fabulous old theater still in place.  The theater still has the original seats (I’m assuming) and curtains that can close across the screen.  The movie screen can be removed for stage performances.  It’s a really magical place and I’m glad they spent the time and energy to bring it back to life.

So Friday night, the boys and I went to see the original Superman at the Rialto with a couple of friends.  I told them in the car on the way home what our plans were for the evening and they had a few questions about the movie.

Logan:  “How long ago was it made?”

Me:  “1978.”

Trip:  “Was it in black and white?”

Me:  “Just how old do you think I am?”

Trip:  “You’re 34.”

Me:  “When do you think they started making movies in color?”

Trip:  “1993.”

Me:  “You little demon!”

Logan couldn’t speak because he was laughing so hard.

So we got there right as the movie was starting.  There was no one else in line, so we bought our tickets and helped ensure they would remain open by buying stuff at the concession stand I would normally have insisted we get at the grocery store first and three drinks instead of one.  The three boys raced up the stairs to sit in the balcony and my friend and I dutifully followed, while I said just loud enough for them to hear as they were going up the stairs that there were ghosts up there who might get them.  They ignored me.

We sat on wooden seats and watched Superman on a far bigger screen than would fit in someone’s house with theater quality surround sound.  I laughed at the hairstyles from the ’70’s and at some of the special effects.  The boys were entranced, or at least they were during the action scenes.  Not one of them cared for the romantic scenes.  My friend and I must have been asked 12,837 times during those sweet, romantic scenes when the movie would be over because they were grossed out.  Fortunately, action scenes followed.

Being the dutiful blogger I am, ahem, I took more pictures in the dark with no flash.  You’re welcome.

 photo 2

photo 1

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