Meeting Nature in the City

The night was cold and a light mist fell from the sky as I walked the half block down to my in-laws house to pick up the little boys.  It was 8:00 p.m. and I was tired after a long day at work.  The hood of my jacket was raised, shielding my head from the cold when I felt a large presence above me, swooping closer and closer.  I looked up in time to see the four-foot wing span silently and slowly gliding mere feet above my head.  I stopped, unalarmed and curious, as the winged creature alighted on a branch above me.  He regarded me with his own quiet curiosity.  He was a large owl.  His face was white, his beak a yellowish orange, and the feathers on his body were gray and white.  I have never seen an owl in the wild and never expected to see one in the city.  He perched on the branch, looking down, and I stood looking up and we studied each other for several minutes. 

I tried to get a picture with my camera phone, but it was dark and the picture didn’t come out well.  The owl hopped to a closer branch, still curious, still watching and simply sat there until I finally got too cold to stay where I was.  I ran into my in-laws house to get the boys, rushing them and my mother-in-law into shoes to go see the majestic creature, but he was gone.  All I had was this picture, which the little boys thought was very cool.

photo[1] (2)

I’ve published my first collection of short stories!  Here’s the link

4 thoughts on “Meeting Nature in the City

  1. There has been a owl that lived in the sign at Krogers. Your yard has nice large trees. I’ve seen owls in your neighborhood.

  2. Congratulations on your short stories. Owls are so cool. At the college where I used to work, there was a family of owls that would find their home in the eaves of the library. They were so fun to see up close. Great picture with the glowing eyes!

  3. Wow, the pic turned out pretty cool, I think. Those glowing eyes, and seeing the definition even in the dark. Really neat. We had an owl in our yard in the city once and it was amazing to see.

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