Pumpkin Carving, 2012

On the first Halloween Ed and I were married, I bought a set of pumpkin carving tools (you know, that cheap little set at Wal-mart) and a couple of pumpkins.  I then carved both pumpkins by myself on the front porch and watched them slowly rot before the big day.  My second attempt at pumpkin didn’t happen until several years later.  I tried carving pumpkins when the boys were almost two years old.  Once again, I found myself on the front porch, albeit a different porch, carving pumpkins alone.  I decided my pumpkin carving skills should be shelved indefinitely.

Fast forward to this year and the boys demanded carved pumpkins for Halloween.  They caught me at a weak moment.  We were at the grocery store passing the large display of pumpkins when they informed me that carved pumpkins were necessary for the proper celebration of the holiday.  I caved.  We got two pumpkins, one for each.

Things did not go as I expected when we got home.  I cut off the tops off the pumpkins and gave the boys directions about how to scoop out the seeds.  I expected Logan to dig right in and Trip to hate the whole, slimy experience.  I got my kids completely backwards.  Logan hated the slimy feel of the pumpkin innards.  Trip ditched the pumpkin scoop and used his hands to remove the seeds.

We put the seeds in a bucket and then dumped the seeds in a section of the yard which might actually see some pumpkin plants next year.  Fingers crossed!

Logan ended up stealing my camera and taking pictures of things around the yard while Trip carved a face onto his pumpkin.

The top pumpkin is Trip’s and the bottom is mine.  Trip was very proud of himself.  And then, north Texas weather took over and the pumpkins have already rotted and been used as fertilizer for some bushes on the side yard.  Oh well.  We don’t get many trick-or-treaters.  The boys will don their costumes on the 31st and we’ll trek over to the nearby neighborhood which does attract children. 

Happy Halloween!

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