My Baby the Author

The little boys have been bringing home papers and projects from school for years now.  For a while, I kept the ones in better condition, only to realize much later that I didn’t have anywhere practical to keep the papers and that I didn’t care about anything I had done as a young student, so I doubt they will.  I threw much of their artwork away.  At a parent-teacher conference last year, I discovered I was justified in tossing their early “artwork.”  It turns out, I have a master manipulator and a rule follower, both of whom hate doing anything defined as “artwork.” 

Logan is our manipulator.  His teachers present him with a list of tasks to perform each week and he can do them in any order he wishes.  The majority of the students have to be pushed to finish their math and science assignments.  The teachers use art assignments for bribes and those students then do all of the things they don’t prefer doing.  That doesn’t work for Logan.  Logan will bring the list to his teachers and try to negotiate.  “I’ll do two extra math papers and not do these three art works.  How does that sound?”  Fortunately, his teachers have no problem telling him “no.”

Trip is the rule follower.  He is also presented with his individualized list and he will do every single thing on the list, but he’ll save all of the art assignments until the absolute last and will whip through them with as little effort as possible.  Trip is very particular though and his hand writing is amazing for a 7 year old.  The kid writes like a typewriter!  Logan… not so much.

So with my munchkins who hate doing anything that can be defined as “art,” I still get an unbelievable amount of paperwork from school that finds it’s way to my kitchen counters.  The vast majority of it is math or language paperwork.  Fortunately for me, I read an unsigned story that was at the bottom of a pile of schoolwork this morning.  I was spending a blissfully quiet morning by myself in my kitchen, the silence of my empty house surrounding me, when I read this story.  I laughed out loud.  If anyone had been in the house with me, they would have jumped out of their skin because of my laugh!  And without further ado,  here is the story:

Saving the Crystal

Chapter 1  Trip the Sidekick

One day, a dog named Trip ate 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Super cat named Logan saved a bunch of people.  Trip’s mom is Rhiana, his dad is Drew, his uncle is Phoenix, his aunt is Natilie, his grandpa is Ethan, and his grandma is Abby.  Trip was playing super heros.  Logan came and said Trip could be his sidekick.

Chapter 2 1000 monsters

Super cat and sidekick dog had lunch.  They heard 1000 monsters coming.  The monsters fought super cat and sidekick dog.  Super cat and sidekick dog won.   They saved the crystal and the day.  They finished their lunch just before the big surprise…

Chapter 3 The Big Surprise

Super cat and sidekick dog went to their surprise.  The surprise was a carnival!  They had spaghetti for every dinner and queso.  They lived in the queso side in Casarina.  They had pizza for lunch.  They swam in queso.  They ate queso a bunch.  They had chips with their queso.

The end.

I figured when I first read the story that Logan had written it, but no, it was Trip.  Why would the author make someone else the hero?  I’m still not sure.  How does he know it’s 1,000 and not 1,001 monsters?  What is the crystal?  Who wouldn’t want to live in queso?  He definitely has a little way to go before he’s ready for the publishing world, but I think he did a pretty damned good job!  He used possessive apostrophes correctly and used the right form of “their!”  (Yes, I enjoy grammar.  I correct their grammar multiple times each day.  Ed calls me a grammar snob.  He might be right.  I don’t care if he’s right.  I’ll still correct their grammar.  Fortunately, I have learned to shut my mouth when anyone else says somthing that doesn’t sound right to me.)

I really don’t mind that my cherubs don’t care for artwork.  I am ecstatic that they love to tell stories and write stories.  They have wonderfully vivid imaginations and I try to encourage that even when they tell me I’m not allowed to go on their imaginary trips to faraway places.

2 thoughts on “My Baby the Author

  1. Amanda, I loved Trip’s story! Both of your boys are so adorable and talented! I was so impressed with how well behaved they were at the play Wednesday night. I can’t imagine my children, when they were their age, sitting still that long for something like that. Thanks so much for inviting Brie and me; and give those kids a hug! 🙂

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