Falling Dreams and New Plans

Trip told us today that he had a nightmare last night.  In the nightmare, he had been on a plane which malfunctioned and started to plummet to the ground.  Since the plane was crashing, he jumped out after getting a parachute on his back.  He was okay for a few minutes with the parachute on his back and then he noticed holes in the parachute and he once again started to plummet to his death.

My poor kid!  I can remember having those falling dreams and they were really scary!  I vividly remember my falling dreams because I had them ALL THE TIME!  I realized pretty quickly though that I could control my dreams and I told Trip he could control his dreams too.  I suggested that he turn into an eagle or some other large bird and he could fly through the sky and enjoy the world from his new position.

Ed suggested that he just made himself fly.  (Where is the imagination in that, Ed???)

I started to psychoanalyze my kid and suggest all of the things that might be causing his dream and creating anxiety that probably didn’t really exist in the first place.

Then Logan suggested that in the dream, Trip could fart and that would slow his descent enough that he could just land on his feet.  That’s what you call a good idea!

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