Ranger Games and Family Meetings

There’s something awesome that happens when you have seventeen first cousins (I think it’s 17, it might be more) on one side of your family and most of them live within driving distance.  There’s a fairly good chance you can end up at the same sporting event or movie or any other activity or restaurant imaginable just because there are so many of us.  For the first Ranger game that Ed and I saw this year with the boys, my cousins Ashley and Crista were there along with their SO’s and some other friends.  I found them on their side first.

And then they found us in our seats.  Trip got to ask Ashley about his newest cousin/her son.  That little boy loves babies!

And that was the sweet face Trip showed them!  Yep, he was covered in cinnamon and sugar from his pretzel.  Kids need sugar at an event like this!  It should be law!

It makes them crash harder on the way home! 

Now you can say you learned something today!

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