The Perfect Day

There are only so many perfect days.  Their rarity is what makes them special.  Trip had one of those days Saturday.

Saturday morning started with a baseball game bright and early.  Trip has had trouble getting back his old groove back this season.  The poor kid has not hit a single ball all season and has found himself relegated to the outfield.  Saturday found the two teams tied, with Trip up to bat at the end of the last inning with two outs.  Ed the Awesome took Trip aside for a pep talk before he went to bat.  Ed told Trip, “Relax.   Take your time.  Watch the ball.  If it’s not a strike, don’t swing.  And do your best.  This is supposed to be fun.”  Trip watched the first two balls come by as they were balls and not strikes.  And then, he hit the ball!  He hit the ball towards left outfield and took off towards first.  The ball was thrown towards second and missed.  The first base coach told Trip to run towards second.  There was another outfield error and Trip ran for third.  The other team finally got the ball into the infield and it turned into a foot race to home plate.  My sweet Tripper made the game winning home run!!!

Both boys went for batting practice with their Grandad and Granny after lunch and Trip kept up the hitting streak.

That evening was their Spring Fling.  The Spring Fling is the annual fundraiser for their school.  The students put on a performance and there’s a silent auction and a dinner.  Even the little two and three-year olds participate in the performance by singing and dancing in a group.  This was a big year for Trip and Logan though because it was their first time to have actual speaking roles.  Logan was a Mesopotamian Wheel Maker.  Trip played the Egyptian God, Khnum, and his costume included horns.  Logan’s turn on stage went without a hitch.  Trip’s could have gone either way.  Trip came on stage and said the first sentence of his part.  Then he said loudly, “Oops!  I forgot my sword!” and ran off stage.  We all panicked!  Would he come back?  Could he make it through all of his lines and be able to keep his concentration?  He came back.  He lifted the sword over his head and started speaking in the loud, commanding voice his teachers had coached him to use.  “I am the great Khnum!  That’s K-H-N-U-M.  The H is silent….”  He made it through the whole thing!  His concentration broke once and he smiled, but then he regained his composure and got through his lines in the strong voice!  He got a huge round of applause!  After the performance, everyone congratulated him and he wore the biggest smile!

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