You Can’t Always Be The Favored Parent

Ed and the boys and I went out for lunch today, like we frequently do for lunch on the weekends. 

 (Because I’m an awesome cook.  I used to have a cooking blog.  Apparently, you need to be able to cook if you’re going to have a cooking blog with any content.)

Anyway, it was apparently Ed’s turn to be Logan’s favorite parent and Trip was completely indifferent and ignored us completely.  When Ed is either boys favorite parent, it turns into an all out boys-are-better-smear-campaign.

Logan started listing all of my faults (and they were many).

“Mom doesn’t let me play on her ipad or the ipad 2 or Wii or dsi or PS3 or on her cell phone.”

(This child is clearly neglected.  How could I not have more video games for him?)

“Logan, weren’t you grounded from video games for a week because of something that happened last weekend?”

(He completely ignored me and kept going with my faults.)

“She makes me sleep on the floor and doesn’t let me have any blankets.”

(Never. At some point, you just have to laugh at the funny shit your kid says.)

“And she doesn’t love me!”

(The last one was said with a dramatic flourish and volume and thank God there weren’t many people in the restaurant other than the many waitresses who knew us by name and always laugh at the boys antics.)

Ed chimed in, “Oh my goodness, boy, how can you live with such cruelty?”

(Ed is awesome like that.)

(Trip sat quietly coloring his picture menu even though he hates to color.)


At some point, my cackle will get so loud that I’ll be asked to leave a restaurant.  It hasn’t happened yet, but there’s a reason we go back to the same few restaurants over and over.

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