Logan the Story Teller

I worked my usual shift at the hospital the other night and came home to a husband and children who had not eaten and were in agreement that we needed eggrolls for dinner.  Luckily, such a feast was available at the Chinese buffet, so we hopped into Ed’s Tahoe and he sped down the highway.  It was almost 8:00 in the evening, so it had just gotten dark.  Ed passed a UPS truck on the highway and then exited at the necessary exit.  The UPS truck followed us.  It followed us onto the access road and then down a really dark and quiet road that would eventually take us to the Chinese buffet.  While we were on that road, Logan started talking about the van following us.

  Oh my gosh!  There’s a robber following us.  Dad, here’s the plan:  first, you’re going to pull over.  Then, you and mom are going to pretend that you’re dead.

I turned to look at Ed, trying to hold in the laughter.  “What?” I asked.

 Then Trip and I are going to get out of the car when the robber stops behind us.  Trip, you are going to punch him in the stomach.  When he’s down, I’m going to punch him in the head and make his eyeball pop out.

(I was beaming with pride at my munchkin’s imagination.)

  When it’s safe again, Trip and I will let y’all know that it’s okay and you can stop pretending to be dead.

Me:  Hey Logan, don’t you think that since Daddy is bigger than you guys that maybe we should let him handle all of the bad guys?

Logan:  Dad’s not bigger than we are!  Besides, we are way tougher than he is!

Me:  Oh that’s right!  Dad is on 6’4″ and together, you boys are 8’2″! 

Logan: See Mom,  I told you so!


And I am one proud Momma!  One day, he might be selling his bad guy stomping services out to the highest bidders!

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