Our Spring Break

A few weeks ago, I told the boys we were going for a drive down to Allen so I could get some new tennis shoes for work.  They were amazingly agreeable.  They said they wanted to go and were quiet for the whole half hour drive down.  I pulled into the outlet mall and took them into the Nike outlet and they were still really well behaved.  We drove over to the Gap outlet so we could get some nice shirts for their school pictures and they were still really well behaved.  It was weird.  Almost like aliens had taken over my boys bodies.  In the Gap though, they started getting a little crabby.  When I told them it was time to go home, they became indignant. 

“When are we going to see Cousin Connor, Mom?” they asked.

“Who?” I asked.

“Cousin Connor!”  (In my memories, they speak in unison.)

“What are you talking about?”

“You said we were coming to Allen.  When are we going to see Cousin Connor?”  (Did you hear that in unison?  My kids sound freakishly alien-like when speaking in unison.)

“Oh!  We went to Allen.  Allen is a city to the south of us.  We weren’t going to see Aunt Ellen.  I’m sorry.”

“But Mom!!!”

So I sent a facebook private message to my Aunt Ellen to see if we could get together and mend my boys’ broken hearts.  (And to be clear, the boys cousin Connor is my first cousin and he’s 25 years younger than I am.  My youngest first cousin just turned one.  Big families are awesome!)  We agreed on the date and  time and found a place halfway between our respective cities.  This is Texas-our cities are really spread out.  We each drove about 45 minutes.

Our destination was a place called Amazing Jake’s.  It offered go-cart riding, bumper cars, lazer tag, miniature gold, video games, and a rock climbing wall.  When we got there, Ellen and Connor were already there and Connor was climbing up the rock wall. 

Connor is 3 years older than the boys and is a much more experienced rock wall climber than Logan and Trip.

And, awesome mother that I am, I only took pictures of Logan climbing the wall and not Trip.  The boys in the blue shirt is my cousin Connor.

The boys all loved the bumper cars because they were tall enough to ride them without their mothers!

And then we got the boys balloon hats.  It made them surprisingly easy to find when we got separated.

They all had a fantastic time.  They made plans for sleep overs at Connors house and ours and and hang outs and all kinds of activities.

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