Jacob’s Upcoming Birthday

My brother Jacob will be turning 31 on Friday.  He has requested a family dinner at P. F. Chang’s and a blueberry cake with raspberry icing and the word “Razzmadazzle” on this monstrosity of a cake from his girlfriend’s mother.  And her mother is willing to do this for him.  Her mother will also be enjoying a quiet evening with her son and his family, so she will not be eating this cake. Jacob has requested that the dinner be followed by a viewing of The Hunger Games with me and Ed and his gorgeous, tolerant girlfriend.  Friday also happens to be the opening night of said movie which generally makes Ed refuse to go anywhere near a theater, so I may neglect to mention that to my dear husband.  The boys will be sent home with their Oma after the family dinner so the young adults can go to the movie.  (Yes, I just called Ed a young adult.  I also called myself one.  I’m not sure which one is more shocking.)

Why am I writing about this event before it happens?  Because I know what will happen.  I have been to a movie with Jacob before.  Many times, in fact.  That generally happens when you grow up with someone.  Ed, however, has never been to a movie with Jacob.  Ed has also never been to a movie with my mother.  Jacob and my mother act exactly like my Logan did on our recent movie night, except Mom controls herself a little better in public and Jacob thinks the general public enjoys hearing his commentary during the movie.

Do you remember the comedian Sam Kinison? Do you remember the way he would scream into his microphone? “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH??? OOOOOOOHHHHHH??? OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!” Well, Jacob does that in same thing in response to different scenes in the movie.  He does the yelling thing throughout the entire movie.  He ends up tossing popcorn everywhere because he feels compelled to jump out of his seat when the action gets too intense.  He talks to the characters on the screen.  He talks to the people around him about the movie he’s watching.  He does this perfectly sober. With even one drink, no one will allow him into a theater. Or, at least no one will accompany him into a theater, so he generally doesn’t go to a movie after he’s had a drink or seven.

So Ed and I will be going to watch a movie with my extremely loud and attention seeking brother for his birthday. I don’t know whether or not Ed will be speaking to me afterwards. I doubt he’ll talk to Jacob until the next family event. The night does promise to be very entertaining though!

3 thoughts on “Jacob’s Upcoming Birthday

  1. We’ll have a blast. And I appreciate the cake for Jacob. He has asked for that specific cake every year and I’ve never done it. He will be beaming. Thank you.

  2. It sounds like your brother would be a blast in a paranormal movie. I love to tell the characters, ” turn the light on”, ” don’t go in there”. You know helpful hints like that. They never listen. =)

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