Sweet Baby Feet…Where Did They Go?

I never really thought about enjoying my baby boys’ feet when they were little.  Baby feet are like any other part of a baby.  They are soft and they smell good.  I can’t remember them being anything other than clean. 

Gradually though, little babies turn into toddlers and then little boys and then, to the stage where my boys are, big boys.  The change in their feet is gradual too.  As a new mom, I didn’t really notice the change in my boys’ feet until it was too late.  One second, they had cute, sweet little baby feet.  The next, they had grown man feet.  Their feet reek of sweat and dirt and have started growing real hair instead of peach fuzz.  There perpetually seems to be dirt under their toenails, no matter how short I cut their nails or how long they soak in the tub.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure my feet stink just like my husband’s feet do after working all day or jogging our three miles.  It’s just that I have no inclination to breath in the sweet smell of my own feet.  Or my husband’s feet.  That would be sweat.  Sweaty feet need to stay far away from my nose.

The fact that my boys have sweaty, stinky feet took me by surprise.  It shouldn’t have, but it did.  One should expect sweat and stink and grime to come with hard playing boys and tennis shoes and socks, but I think I just didn’t take enough time with my boys when they were babies to appreciate all of the wonderful baby things about them.

Tonight, as I was putting my boys to bed and shortly after they had showered, I took a few minutes breath in the sweet smell of clean feet.  My boy who is one minute older than his twin asked me again, as I was taking in his feet, if he could have a sister.  Have you lost your mind, boy?  No!  There will be no more babies!  Just let Momma remember for a minute how little and soft your feet used to be.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Feet…Where Did They Go?

  1. That was precious…and that answer to his question was hysterical!

    My nieces are 11 & 12 and I still love their cheesy little feet when they’re out of the shower. They were JUST 3 & 4 the other day.

    Now? Their shoe sizes are bigger than mine.

    But I still love’em.

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