This is a Public Service Announcement

I’ve learned something new and I feel that I absolutely must share it.  Did you know that you can sneeze hard enough to make your eyeball pop out?  It’s called Globe Luxation.

Isn’t that awesome??  haha!

I’ve never seen it happen and I don’t really want to see it either.  When it happens, the eyeball pops out and is flopping around on the cheek and stays connected to the head by the optic nerve, muscles, and blood vessels.  There’s even the potential that vision won’t be affected after the eye is put back into the socket.

Why do I have this tidbit of knowledge?  I’m working on a short story that is much too long for the blog and I couldn’t come up with the term I needed for said story and I was googling all kinds of vision problems.  Globe Luxation was the first thing I came across.  It was of absolutely no help to me, other than I thought about eyeballs popping out for half the night last night.

And yes, when I publish my masterpiece, I will put the link to amazon on my blog.  And on facebook.   And I’m going to ask all of my friends to put the link on their facebook pages.  And I may advertise somewhere.  It’s all about the egg money.



One thought on “This is a Public Service Announcement

  1. I’ll be sure to take my allergy medication. I didn’t know you could sneeze hard enough for your eyeballs to pop out. Does it happen if you keep your mouth shut when you sneeze?

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