Loose Teeth and Blood Filled Mouths

Doesn’t my sweet boy look amazingly like a red neck-hillbilly?  He was dressed for bed without a shirt because it is not winter here in north Texas, even though it’s still early February and his mouth was full of blood because he had just ripped out a loose tooth that wasn’t quite ready to come out yet.  He wanted that dollar the Tooth Fairy was bringing pretty darned badly.  I’m not sure why.  All he ever does with his money is let the collection grow.  He has the same tooth on the other side loose as well, so I’m sure he’ll feel the need to rip that one out when he’s ready for another dollar.

I guess Logan pulling out his teeth is better than it could have been.  He almost didn’t notice when he lost his first tooth because it just fell out in his hand one morning.  He swallowed the second one.  And the poor Tooth Fairy!  I told Logan the Tooth Fairy couldn’t bring him a dollar for that tooth until he pooped it out and she found it in the sewer.  I doubt he’ll remember that when he grows up, but the memory of his shocked face will forever be saved in my mind!


4 thoughts on “Loose Teeth and Blood Filled Mouths

  1. Until he pooped it out and she found it in the sewer??


    That’s gooood!

    And that teeth pulling stuff is for the birds. I could never pull out a tooth. I’d let that thing sit there dangling for days till I could hardly even talk for fear of it blowing right out my mouth.

    My sister, however, had no problem. She’s richer than me now, too.

    • I was more shocked with the first tooth when it fell out b/c he had absolutely no idea that it was loose. How do you not know?

      And yeah, I figure if I’ve gotta be surrounded by boys for the rest of my live, I ought to be at least entertained, so the Tooth Fairy had to dig around in the toilet and sewer. I made him wait four days before putting a dollar under his pillow.

      Also, in my house, the Tooth Fairy is fictional and I have no desire whatsoever to keep the boys baby teeth. I think it’s gross to keep the ones that just come out and are handed to me. So I did not go fishing in the toilet for that missing tooth. I just wanted to be really clear on that!

  2. Sounds like my brother! I remember lots and lots of blood and a dire need to yank a tooth that had barely started to wiggle.

    My 4 year old reminds me so much of my brother when he was little… we’re preparing ourselves for the tooth massacres to come!

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