Little Itty Bitty Baby Boy Pictures That May Make You Want To Spawn New Kids

I have been cleaning out closets and cabinets and drawers (and will probably continue this for several more months because I was pregnant when we moved into this monstrously large house and have never organized it in any kind of fashion that makes sense for a normal person or organized it at all for that matter) when I found an old SD card for my digital camera.  I had misplaced my current SD card also (can you see a trend here), so i was really excited and surprised to find the old SD card.  I had thought that this old one had gone where all the old socks go when the dryer eats them.  So I popped the old SD card into my camera and started snapping away at the boys.  Then I realized that I still had lots and lots of pictures on the SD card!  And they were baby pictures of the boys!  And OMG I make some pretty babies!  Okay, Ed may have had something to do with their looks.  Or maybe just Logan’s looks.

I think the boys were around two years old here.  I just want to pick them up and squeeze them and hold on to them forever!

Christmas morning, 2006


Christmas 2006 with Gingerbread men from their godparents

Logan asked me tonight if he had gotten upset because of the juice he had spilled on his shirt.  I told him he had not once in his life ever been upset about getting food on his clothes, but hopefully that day will come one day.

OMG! The fuzzy hair is too much!

I think these are from Christmas when they were almost four years old.  Those smiles are so sweet!

And Ed, when you read this, I really don’t want any more children!  I just have fond memories of our babies.  I don’t think any other babies could be any more perfect for us.


3 thoughts on “Little Itty Bitty Baby Boy Pictures That May Make You Want To Spawn New Kids

  1. >So I just rzleiaed I am not only vain (this I have known for a while) but I am inconsiderate of my kids too! I do the same thing. I hate being in pictures because since the babies have totally changed shapes its amazing too munchkins can deform a body like they did. Tim and I do keep journals for each of them with our thoughts and prayers for them but a picture is worth a thousand words. Im going to get in more pictures.Thanks Beth.

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