My Boys Take Amazing Pictures

About a month before Christmas, when the temperature was still getting into the 80’s almost every day, we took our annual family Christmas pictures.  We are not one of those fortunate families who can sit or stand together and take one or two pictures and have a perfect family portrait-one perfect for posterity-one meant to be seen by our friends and extended family-one meant to be seen by clients–we are most definitely not one of those families.  We usually end up taking around 700 pictures just to have one picture be found acceptable.  These are a few of the reasons most of the pictures are tossed to the unacceptable pile.

Because really, who wouldn’t think this would be an acceptable picture?

Another open mouthed yell/smile

Crazy eyes!

I don’t think Trip can be blamed for this one.  He’s related to me and he just can’t help it.

This one is on purpose.  Demon!

Let’s hear it for the photographer!


Crazy eyes and the Claw!  Beware–it’s Christmas picture time!

I’m not sure what this look is.  Dorky.  Burpy.  Farty.  Maybe he’s just a little weird.  Or hopped up on sugar.

This was the first picture the boys took with their grandparents.  Why wouldn’t a picture with you looking completely away from the photographer be used Trip??  Hmm?  He’s not even looking at someone.

And finally, here’s Logan!  A child with a more attentive mother might have noticed the food he had on his face.  If only he was so lucky!

Logan takes after me and the vast majority of his unacceptable pictures were unacceptable because his eyes were closed.  You can’t get upset with a sweet child because genetics screwed him of picture taking ability.

Bored?  Irritated?  It’s like he knew his mother left ketchup on his face to screw up his pictures.

And this one is just so sweet!  It would have been used for a Christmas picture if his Granny had been able to keep her eyes open!

4 thoughts on “My Boys Take Amazing Pictures

  1. My kids are teens and older and it’s still nearly impossible to get the 3 of them posed for our Christmas cards! Your boys are darling! Hope your Better than Twix bars were a hit 🙂 I made Better than Milky Ways last week…not as pretty, but just as addicting 🙂

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