The Pillow Thief

Back 3.7 million minutes ago when I was a new mother and even before I became a mom, I swore I would never let our many, many cats sleep anywhere near my precious babies.  There is that old wives tale about cats stealing a baby’s breath which my mother explained to me many moons ago as meaning that the cats would cover the baby’s mouth with their body because of the warmth from the exhalation.  Or cats are just evil.  Take your pick.  But the point would be that I was never, ever, ever going to let any of the cats sleep anywhere near my babies.  And for many years, the cats didn’t get anywhere near the boys.  Then, something weird happened.  The boys got older.  They grew and grew.  Who knew such a thing would happen??  The boys ended up in a bedroom all their own down the hall from the master bedroom and, being younger than us, they go to bed much earlier than we do.  But just because they are sent to bed does not mean they actually go to sleep.  They often turn on the hall light and open their door so they can read or harass each other or wrestle.  The boys also like to lure cats into their bedroom.  There’s only one cat who consistently likes to be around the boys and it’s Hunter, the most awesome cat in the world.  When I check on the boys at night to tuck them in and make sure they are breathing (yes, I still make sure they are breathing), Hunter is often on one boy’s bed or the other.  Hunter even has the nerve to steal the use of a pillow.  As neurotic as I am, I have reconciled the cats presence in the boys bedroom by realizing that once a child gets to be sixty pounds, or even a very scrawny fifty pounds, the cat will probably not try to sleep on the kid’s face.  If the cat is smart, it will try to find a place on the bed far away from a wiggle worm boy’s extremities.

3 thoughts on “The Pillow Thief

  1. The boys love their cats. Hunter rules the house. It’s entertaining to watch the boys fight like cats. They arch their backs and flip their claws out.

  2. My mom always said the same thing about cats! We never had any and well, I think now that was her excuse.

    “They’ll kill you.”

    But I’ve seen cats more protective of little ones than pups at times…family is family though. No matter how many legs.


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