Public Embarrassment

The boys have always had the ability to embarrass me in public with the things they say, but as they’ve gotten older, they have learned that some things are not appropriate to say in public.  “Mommy, why is that woman/man/person/alien so fat?” was  one of their favorites.  “Mommy, is that person from (insert any country in the world)?” was another.  My favorite answer to the last one is, “That person sounds like they’re from Dallas.”  But the boys have gotten older and they now know to whisper such questions in my ear.  I know I am not alone in the inappropriate questions asked in public by my children and it is with great relish that I retell a story I was told about one of my girlfriend’s kids just yesterday.

My friend had gone out to eat at a local restaurant with her kids and another adult and her child.  My friend was ordering at the register and everyone else was sitting at the table by the door.  My friend’s son, “John,”  has a propensity to talk to everyone and everyone and he was doing  just that.  He’s a 4 year old bundle of energy and speaks very, very clearly.  As one couple is leaving the restaurant, “John” says, “Hey dude, I saw you here last week, but weren’t you with a different woman?”

My friend was mortified and her friend was red with embarrassment and as she told me this story, I thought to myself, It’s good to have 6 year olds!

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