My New Project

Hello everyone!  I have a new pet project and my poor blog has been neglected.  I am attempting to write a short story to be published on!  Have you heard about this?  You can self publish on amazon!  I’m almost to the point where I can send my little story to my ‘editors’!  There is a story about this little short story I’m writing.  It started out as a competition between me and my brother Jacob.  The goal is to write a scary short story, get it copyrighted, and publish it on amazon.  The stories would then be given to our Mother to judge.  The winner is the one who scares her the most!  As of right now, it looks like I’m going to be winner by default, so I figured it would make a really good Christmas present for Mom.  Why would this be a great Christmas present for her?  Because she loves all things scary!  She used to make me and my brother stay up late on the weekends so we could watch scary movies with her because she didn’t want to watch them alone.  Poltergeist for a 6 year old?  Absolutely!  I can still remember the opening music for the Hitchhiker series.  So anyway, I’m hoping to clear up the middle part of my story, which is the part giving me trouble.  I’ll make an announcement when I finally get to publish.

In boy news, the munchkins have started playing flag football!  They’ve enjoyed playing and they both have scored a few touchdowns.  First grade is treating them reasonably well.  Trip remains as clumsy as ever.  One week, he bumped his eye on the corner of his table and managed to black his eye and exactly a week later, he managed to break his finger!  It was a hairline fracture and only required three stitches.  Trip watched the doctor put in every stitch because he’s not about to let someone do something to him without watching.  He might have some control issues.  I have no idea where he gets them.  I asked him if he wanted to be a doctor when he grows up and he said absolutely not!  He’s a trooper though and played football the next weekend.  He even scored a touchdown and ‘tackled’ quite a few of the opposing players.  Logan, try as he might, still has not managed to get a single scar anywhere on his body.


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