I Am Talented

I will never claim to be a computer expert.  In fact, it’s usually a miracle that I get anything at all accomplished on the computer.  I usually write on my blog and play a few games on facebook.  With my limited abilities on the computer, I somehow managed to destroy my hard drive.  So my poor laptop spent several weeks being repaired and having the information salvaged.  Because of that, I have completely neglected my blog. 

So what has happened in the last few weeks?

The boys started first grade!  I didn’t cry.  The start of first grade was a little bit anti-climatic because they attend school year round.  Year round school is absolutely fantastic.

The boys have now walked all the way to their grandparents house completely unattended.  Obviously, I do have to let the boys become more and more independent, but I had fantasized about watching the boys walk to their grandparents house from the corner of ours with bated breath and them looking back to make sure I was there watching, keeping them safe.  None of that happened.  Ed and I were going somewhere.  Ed’s parents were going to watch the boys for a few hours.  I told the boys to step outside while we situated the dogs and they made a mad dash down the street.  I didn’t even realize they were  gone until I stepped outside and they weren’t there.  I raced around the corner in time to see the boys rounding the corner of their grandparents house.  They never looked back.  They knew where they were going and were perfectly capable of getting there by themselves.  Obviously, I waited too long to for my precious moment to happen.

So basically, the boys have kept growing up and I’m just along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “I Am Talented

  1. So glad to hear you got the computer crisis resolved. I would definitely be up the creek without a paddle if that happened to me!

    Ah, first grade.

    Then you wake up one day and your kid wants a cell phone and is starting 7th grade. Oh wait, that was me this week. =)

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