The Smell of Rain

Ed and I had yet another enjoyable evening after ditching the kids with my mother this Saturday.  (Don’t worry.  They visit their other grandparents often too.  It’s almost like we don’t have to parent them.)  We went out to eat and had steaks that were just okay.  We went for ice cream afterwards and sat on a bench outside the store so we could enjoy a rare early summer thunderstorm rolling in.  The sky was filled with lightning.  The air was full of the smell of rain.  Unlike most literary savants, I am not full of scientific facts, so I came home to google the smell of rain.  Wait!  What?  Anyway, the smell of  rain is caused by a bacteria called Actinomycetes.  The moisture of the rain causes the bacterial spores to produce the distinctive rain smell.  If you’ll notice after multiple rain storms, the smell does not occur.  There, you learned something from my blog!

And obviously, I wrote this a few weeks ago because Texas has been hot and dry for the last few weeks!

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