Happy Fourth of July

Saturday afternoon found us at Jacob’s girlfriend’s family’s house out in the country for an amazing 4th of July feast.  There was real Southern sweet tea to be drunk and way too much food to list completely, but just to whet your taste buds, there was fried chicken and potato salad!  There were four kinds of hot dogs, so Logan was in heaven!  But, awesome parent that I am, I accidentally gave him a jalapeno hot dog and instead of totally wigging out like many six-year olds would have, he was just like, “Yo, Mom!  You gave me a hot dog with jalapenos.  I want a regular one.”  So I took a bite of his hot dog to make sure he wasn’t kidding with me and he really wasn’t, so I got him the one with cheese in it that he wanted.  He’s so awesome!  Her parents even had a baby donkey and, because I’m an awesome blogger, I didn’t get a picture of it.  The boys loved the donkeys though.  And can I gush?  I’m totally in love with his girlfriend.  She’s perfect for my brother!  She’s smart and has a wicked sense of humor.  I’ve put my request in to have her as a sister-in-law, but both Jacob and she are second children and they seem to enjoy nothing more than telling an older sibling that they will do things in their own good time.  Dang it.  Don’t they know I want nieces and nephews?  Don’t they know I want her as a sister-in-law?  Don’t they know I want a permanent invite to her Momma’s table?  They don’t seem to care.  At all!  Oh well. Such is life.

When we were so stuffed we could hardly move, Ed, the boys and I went home to veg on the couches for a while.  We stayed there for hours, letting our food digest and enjoying our food comas.  It was evening before we could finally move.  Ed and I had a light bulb moment at the same time and we decided that a walk at Austin College would be the perfect way to end our evening.  On our short drive over to the campus, the boys decided that they would rather race their Daddy around the track than simply take a walk.  As we walked over to the track though, Trip decided he’d rather watch the race.  The light was fading as we got to the track, but I got some pretty good shots of the race.

The race did start out with Ed and Logan on the same line…

Then Logan passed Ed but kept one eye on Ed the whole time…

Somewhere around the back curve, Ed took the lead! 

Trip decided after watching Ed and Logan race that he wanted to run the quarter-mile and he wanted it timed.  All of the actual running pictures came out fuzzy, but he ran the quarter in 2:56, which for a 6-year-old is pretty darned good.  He wasn’t feeling too well, so he jogged most of it.  I’m sure he’s going to want to time himself again when he feels better.  Logan decided he needed a timed race as well, so he ran another quarter-mile.  Logan’s time was 2:06!

Here’s Trip after his quarter-mile:

Logan didn’t need to rest after his quarter-mile, but his picture was blurry.  It was getting a little dark for any more foot races, so we walked over to a group of swings and enjoyed the evening air.

So far, we’ve had a fantastic Fourth of July.  How has yours been?

UPDATE:  Ed says that it’s inappropriate for me to ask for a sister-in-law, but he’s an only child so I really think he doesn’t understand the hierarchy involved with being the oldest child.

3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. We had a fabulous time. The boys enjoyed seeing the miniature donkeys. The baby donkey was white and even people driving by stopped to take pictures.

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