Creating Adventurous Eaters

One of the many things I am trying to teach the boys is to be adventurous with their diet.  Today, they will be trying Indian food for the first time.  The approach one takes to introduce new foods definitely has a huge impact on how the little ones will begin their journey with said foods.  I’ve told them a little about what to expect, that this is a treat I am looking forward to, and they will be meeting a friend of mine from work.  We have found India on the map in their room and looked at talked about looking at an Indian cookbook.  I have not told them that their Daddy does not like Indian food because, really, why would they need anything to potentially skew their experience?

So the boys are primed for a new culinary adventure.  My girlfriend, on the other hand, may not know what she’s getting into.  My friend is young, around 23, and does not yet have children.  I think they’re in her future and when I told I would have the boys at lunch today, she didn’t bat an eyelash, but she does not have kids yet!  All kids are different and take different motivations for new adventures.  Mine use the same motivation typically.  Especially when it comes to food.  And I can just see the shocked expression on my friend’s face before it even happens.  Why will she be shocked?  Because I like to tell the boys that eating certain foods will make them fart.  And that certain other foods will make their farts stink.  They cackle hysterically when I tell them about farting and then they usually try whatever I want them to eat.  It works!!  I will use whatever works on them!! Child rearing is really just psychological warfare! The only real goal is not to screw the munchkins up too much!  Hopefully, my friend will still think I’m charmingly funny me after seeing me with the boys!

Update:  The boys loved Indian food!  I didn’t have to threaten or cajole or beg.  I didn’t even have to bring up the farts that might be produced!  They loved my friend, but maybe a little too much. 

On a side note, I think Trip is starting to go through a growth spurt.  I have been amazed for the last three days at the amount of food he has required.  Donations are being accepted in all forms, including gradparent offers to feed him any meal they wish.

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