Education At The Park

My dear sweet mother usually takes the boys to spend the night at her house on Saturday nights and returns them once we’ve had a chance to sleep late.  The return is usually earlier than Ed or I would like, but we do get to sleep later than normal.  Oma and the boys have a Saturday night routine they all seem to enjoy.  They pick a local park and play until the the boys have run off a small part of their energy or Oma is drenched in sweat, whichever comes first.  (This is Texas.  Sweat drenchings are common.)  After the park, they go to out to eat where Trip lectures everyone about what kind of food is healthy and what they should be eating.  Their night ends with video games and, if Oma can get away with it,  a scary movie.  They all camp out on the couches in the living room, only it’s camping with air conditioning. 

Last Saturday, the boys got a little unexpected education in spelling while they were at a small park by the local hospital.  The boys were crawling through the plastic tunnels and told Oma they saw some weird writing on the walls of the tunnels.  Logan was the first to sound out a word for Oma. 

“Oma, what does ‘bi-atch’ mean?”

“Can you spell it for me?”  She was outside the tunnel.


“Well honey, that spells bitch.”

“Oh, that’s how you spell it.”  Kids say the darndest things.

“Oma, what does ‘pay-nis’ make?”  Trip didn’t want to be left out of the lesson.

“Spell it for me, Trip,”  I can just see her shaking her head.


“Well Trip….”

“Oh, Oma!  I know what this word spells.  It’s ‘ass.’  Is that right?”  Logan always wants to be the last one saying something.

So the boys have learned how to spell a few new words.  I’m so glad parks can now be used for education as well as exercise!

4 thoughts on “Education At The Park

  1. It was a nice park. The writing was on the inside of a plastic tunnel. Logan was fascinated that such a thing could happen.

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