Early Crazy Face Pictures

Back when I got my first iPhone, I started taking pictures of the boys.  Their very first pictures happened to be crazy face pictures although we didn’t call them that then.  They were four years old and just turning into real people.

This picture is Logan’s favorite and he still giggles uncontrollably when he sees it.

Two years ago, Logan would giggle and laugh long enough to actually take a picture of him with a smile.  It’s a beautiful smile I wish I could capture more often on film.

For some reason, this was Trip’s favorite picture.  I’ve never fugured out why.  He was cute though.  His hair was baby fine and very blonde and I miss the baby look he kept for so long.

He had such a sweet baby face!  I miss the chubby cheeks.  His face has gotten so lean and he might be starting to look more like his father.  Don’t tell Ed that though.  I don’t want him growing a big ego over it.

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