Funny Thoughts, Musings, and Statements from the Boys

Logan and Trip say tons of funny things that never make it to my blog because they just aren’t long enough for a full story.  Fortunately, many of those funny thoughts, musings, and statements make it to facebook and since I’m totally phoning in this blog post, here are the funniest of the boys’ funnies.

1. The tooth fairy visited Logan again last night.  When I went in to wake the boys up this morning, Logan was hiding under the covers and holding the note she had left him and Trip was awake.  The dollar was on the floor.  Trip saw the dollar first and said, “If it’s a $100 bill, it’s mine.  If it’s a $1 bill, it’s Logan’s.”

2. Logan is ambitious tonight.  He wants to be a waitress when he grows up.

3.  I came home tonight to find my mother teaching my boys how to play poker and the boys going to get their allowance money because they were going to beat their Oma at poker.  At least they’re optimistic.

4.  We bought the boys their first baseball pants today along with new gloves. Could leather smell any better?  It was delicious!!  I took Logan to try on his pants.  The smalls were too short by a little and the mediums were too big in the waist by a lot.  Logan said to me, “Mom, I think I need some extra mediums.”

5.  Trip has apparently been running on a peanut butter deficiency.  He’s on his second peanut butter sandwich of the day!

6. Logan told me he wanted to be president when he grows up.  Why?  Because the president lives in a white house with a pool and a bowling alley in it!!

7.  I have a demon threatening a temper tantrum tonight if I don’t let him eat any more butter.  (Seriously, he was eating butter with a spoon.)

8.  Logan quote of the day, “I’m going to name my fourth daughter Burp.”

9.  Logan just told me he was getting me a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day.  He should fear my wrath.

10. I’m starting to think my boys would rather see me starve than share the queso.

3 thoughts on “Funny Thoughts, Musings, and Statements from the Boys

  1. When I was about 8 years old I watched a girl eat a stick of butter and I was amazed. She was blond and fat and lazy. That thought will stick in my head forever.

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