Shopping Cart Rides

 I’m not always fantastic at planning out the whole “evening meal” thing.  It’s called the “evening meal,” quotations included, at our house because Ed the Awesome and I cannot agree on what to call said evening meal, dinner or supper.  I had spent all afternoon at my gorgeous cousin’s wedding reception and came home to an empty house.  The house was empty because Ed and the boys had gone to a park for baseball practice.  They got home around an hour after I did.  So at 7 o’clock this evening, we had a family meeting to try to decide what we were going to have for the “evening meal” tonight.   The boys voted for chicken nuggets or Taco Bell.  (Shocking, isn’t it?)  Ed and I waffled over a few things before deciding on chicken from the deli.  I loaded up the stinky boys and took them to the grocery store.  When we got to the deli, there were two people ahead of us in line.  The boys were rambunctious, so I threw them into the shopping cart, where they tried standing up and wrestling.  I broke out the camera phone and they started hamming it up! 

Logan just couldn’t take the wait any more and decided he’d quiet his stomach with a little ear steak.

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