Photography Perfection

I was trying to take a picture of Yogie’s snaggle toothed smile the other night and Trip decided he needed his picture taken also.  Funny how kids get jealous of their momma with a camera and their brother.  Both boys were in an extremely goofy mood and demanded  to see all of their crazy face pictures as soon as I had taken them.  The result?  Fuzzy pictures of moving boys.  I deleted three times more pictures than I kept.  They appreciate the crazy face pictures much more than normal pictures.  One day, they’ll be adults wondering why all of the pictures of them as children are not fit to be seen by anyone else.  For now though, these pictures were his absolute favorite.

6 thoughts on “Photography Perfection

  1. Great pictures. You might have to visit with the dentist because sometimes the teeth are late falling out and they
    have to be pulled so the teeth will be straight.

    • I hope when the boys are 40, they will look at my pictures and see that their mother loved them very much and for everything they were and are.

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