Texas Rangers Tuesday game!

We took the boys to the Texas Rangers game Tuesday against the LAAAA of A.  We had a pretty good time.  The boys are now able to pay attention to about three innings of a game which is a big improvement.  Trip had nachos (with NO jalapenos!) and Logan had two hotdogs and they filled a soda pop full of floaties.  Thunder storms rolled through DFW but the game was not rained out and we didn’t feel a drop of rain during the game.  The boys stayed awake for the whole game and even walked to the car afterwards.  The boys really have no choice but to walk to the car after any event because they are way too heavy to carry anymore.

Logan should be in movies because this picture was totally staged.   I enjoy taking pictures, but I’m not good enough with an iPhone camera to take that picture as an action shot!

This one is an action shot.  All three of my guys paying attention to the game!  Magical!

Cute, but fake smile.  Trip is so ready to start losing his baby teeth so the tooth fairy can visit him.  It’s just not happening yet.

We obviously dress to the nines when we go out! 🙂

There was this really handsome guy sitting three seats down from me and he smiled when I was taking a picture of my kid.

The stadium looked great.  They have a new jumbo screen that is ENORMOUS!  They’ve put in quite a few new kinds of food stands that I can’t wait to try when I’m not looking after munchkins.  It was a great family night.

5 thoughts on “Texas Rangers Tuesday game!

  1. Great photos. Lucky kids to have a great time at a ball game. They also really get serious when they play baseball.

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