The Boys Enjoy Teasing Me. Demons.

As I’ve said before, I’m a bit of a neurotic mother and I try to prepare myself for the boys expected milestones ahead of time so I don’t have a complete mental breakdown.  I might be exaggerating slightly. 

The background:  A couple of years ago, I started mapping out the boys’ lives for them (because why wouldn’t I?).  I told them they would go to high school and graduate, then college and graduate, and then the graduate school of their choice and graduate.  I told them they would then work for a few years and enjoy their bachelorhood before getting married around age 30 and then when they were around 35, they would have children.  Cities and schools have been suggested which they might like, but they will have mostly free rein concerning where they live.  That would make me be a 60 year old first time grandmother and most importantly, I can deal with the above scenario.  (Okay, I do know that they will modify their life plans according to what makes them happy, but I want to introduce the idea that they will go to college after they graduate from high school.)

The dig:  The boys know how to tease me already.  They know how to get under my skin and they do it on purpose!  So this morning, Trip says to me, “Mom, when I’m 17 years old, I’m going to marry a 16 year old woman!”  Both boys then burst out in hysterical laughter.  At my expense.  Because they think it’s funny to watch my jaw drop.  Demons.

I have sprouted 300 more gray hairs because of them today.


3 thoughts on “The Boys Enjoy Teasing Me. Demons.

  1. Your kids will definitely give you gray hair. Like the time you flipped your car in the middle of the night. You bang on somebody’s door to call the police and the guy had a dream about you coming. So he wasn’t afraid and he helped you. That event touched his life and your life forever.

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