Random Statement of the Day

Ed and I like to argue about music, specifically which music is being played in the car at that specific moment.  (Actually, a more accurate statement would be that we just like arguing.)  He prefers easy listening which I find to be a complete waste of air space and I have a more eclectic appreciation of music which he frequently refers to as rubbish.  We were driving home from lunch today and a song came on the radio.  Ed moved to turn up the radio and I moved to change the station.  It was bound to happen:  we’d been in the car together for a whopping thirty seconds and we disagreed on the song playing.  Ed balked at my objection, saying that the song on the radio sounded like all of the other faceless girls put on the air by music studios to sing songs written by the production companies aimed at mindless teenie boppers looking to spend their parent’s money.  I objected because I don’t like the singer’s voice.  I won’t name the singer here because my intent is not to discredit her abilities (and my blog receives so much attention from the gossip column set that my concerns are valid), but I occasionally find an artist’s voice to be cacophonous.  Ed argued that if any other woman was singing that song that I would be singing along with her (badly) and he was right.  I just don’t like this particular singer. 

The boys usually feel the need to take sides during these arguments.  Logan usually sides with Ed and Trip with me.  Today was no different.

Our drive home wasn’t long though and we were dropping Ed off so he could make it to his play on time.  He’s playing Officer O’Hara in Arsenic and Old Lace and if you’re in the area, you should check him out because he is actually very funny.  If you’re not in the area, you should rent the movie and imagine my husband as Officer O’Hara.  My point here is that Ed was in the car with us for a full two minutes.  The boys decided that they really needed to voice their opinions about the song, but I pulled far enough under the car port cover  that the XM radio lost it’s signal and my ears were met with beautiful silence.  Ed gave me a dirty look and I smiled at him broadly.  Ed got out of the car as the boys called out their goodbyes.  Logan asked if he could open his window to say something to his Daddy.  I unlocked the window and told him to open it.  Logan opened his window and called out, “Hey,  Daddy!  Merry Christmas!”  He then dissolved into giggles.  Ed looked at Logan quizzically and asked him what he meant.   Logan was laughing so hard he couldn’t tell us what he meant.


4 thoughts on “Random Statement of the Day

  1. Ha, my husband and I fight about music constantly. He likes death metal and I like top 40.

    Regarding your comment, I actually dehydrate VERY easily, which causes severe migraines. I actually take at least one gel for anything above 5 miles and I usually use 2 for anything more than 7. Honestly, I used 3 for my 10 and I’ll probably use 4 for the half. It’s just the only way for me to not feel like death, although I recognize it’s a lot more than most people need.

    • Mom, it was a good natured argument, more like a discussion. We didn’t raise our voices. It was just playful banter. Logan just wanted to add his two cents.

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