Me, On Writing

I had an epiphany today.  I started reading 1922 by Stephen King, which is masterfully written, naturally, and I quickly realized it was written exclusively in the first person.  It means there’s hope for my writing!  I knew I could write in the first person, but I didn’t remember if I had read any books in the past that were solely written in the first person.  Was it possible that something fiction could be written in the first person and be successful?  Yes!  Stephen King does it!  (Not that I’d compare anything I will ever write to the grand master of writing.)  I have read many, many books and had a complete brain fart when I tried to remember if I had written a full length novel which was written in the first person.  I like writing in the first person.  I like the stream of consciousness type of writing that seems to flow so easily from the tips of my fingers.  It’s so much easier than writing as an omniscient narrator.  I can just write like something has happened to me or I’ve been up to something mischievous and it works for me.  Now if I could get past that first scene…

3 thoughts on “Me, On Writing

  1. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of historical fiction written in the first person. I think first person writing can be really interesting because the reader only knows as much as the narrator, which means we learn the plot developments as the narrator does.

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