Crazy Face Pictures

I remember teaching the boys about different facial expressions when they were little and thought I’d try it again to see what they’ve learned.  Mostly, they’ve learned to give me some exasperated looks when I ask them for certain faces.  Other times, they actually oblige me.

That would be a very fake smile.  Notice how the eyes are insincere?

The tough guy showing muscles looks constipated.

Yep, the tough guy has some issues.  At least he’s posing for me.

This was a serious look.  I can’t remember what I asked him to be, but he just looks bored.  Like he’d rather be playing with his new water gun…

This is Trip’s “deep in thought” look.  I think it works for him.

Logie giving me the impertinent look.

Logie’s tough guy.  They both liked doing the tough guy.

This one might actually be a sincere smile.  I think his brother had just shot me in the back with his new water gun.

The really bad, moving face pictures are always coming soon with Logan.  At least I can erase them!

Gross face!

Goofball faces are some of Logan’s favorites!

Logan had just gotten shot with cold water from a water gun!!

Mean face!  Tough guy face!

Hey Logan, that face looks like a Dr. Evil face!

Mommy, who is Dr. Evil?

Ummm.  Ummm.  I’ll let you watch that movie when you’re much older.

Like 8?

No baby.  Like 18.


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