Parenting Fail?

This is an extreme close-up of Trip’s face. Isn’t he cute?  How about that tooth he’s missing?  Looks very cute on an age appropriate kid.  Such was not always the case.

When Trip was learning how to walk, he must have fallen hard enough to kill the root.  We never really got any better explanation.  When Trip was 16 or 17 months old, I noticed that his tooth had turned gray.  I thought he had a cavity (Already!  What kind of horrible mother was I???), so I made an appointment with the pediatric dentist in town.  With the appointment made, I went in to see this dentist who scheduled us for a cap in about 2  months.  One of the first things out of this dentist’s mouth was that he was leaving town and the dentist taking over his practice would be happy to place the cap.

What?  Not that I know you guy, but what?

So Ed and I take Trip in to the next appointment.  Ed said he didn’t want Trip having any unnecessary procedures and I agreed, but what else do you do for a kid with a rotten tooth?

By the time this next appointment comes around, my kid’s tooth has begun to crumble.  CRUMBLE!  At this point, the only people seeing my kids are friends or church members because I refused to take the boys into a grocery store by myself.  What, really, is the point of taking your kids to the grocery store when you have two baby carriers that fill up one cart?  Ok, so the boys were out of the carriers by the time Trip’s tooth started crumbling, but by then I was spoiled to going to the store by myself. 🙂 

So Ed, Trip and I go to meet this new dentist, who says she’s not giving a  kid as young and skinny as Trip is any kind of sedative for a procedure to be done…… and she’s not going to put a cap on his tooth. (Scared you, didn’t I?  Did you picture me letting my kid scream through oral surgery?)

We end up loving the new dentist.  She said that unless the rotten tooth developed an abscess, there wouldn’t need to be anything done about it.  He walked around snaggle-toothed for 3 years before finally developing the abscess.  By the time he did have to have the tooth pulled, he was a big boy.  One inured to doctors and dentists.  One who fell asleep with the medicine the doctor gave him.

So now, he’s missing a tooth, but not for normal reasons.  I’m going to miss that snaggle toothed look when he finally gets all of his adult teeth, but just a little.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Fail?

  1. Your little brother had four of his teeth capped when he was around five. It’s hard encouraging them to be still during a dental procedure especially at a young age. Trip doesn’t mind having a missing tooth.

  2. My youngest son, Tucker, had a similar siutation happen with his front tooth. He hit it hard enough for it to start “dying.” It fell out twice and we had it reseated. Then it started turning brown and had a huge hole in it. Doc just removed it and it took four years for a new one to grow in!

    No bad mommies here….just weird teeth! 🙂

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