Cats on the Couch

A wonderful thing has happened in the lives of the cats who own the house in which I live.  The puppy Abigail has started spending part of her time outside.  When she’s not outside during the day, she goes to Ed’s office to wreak havoc.  So a calm takes over the house during the day and the cats can come out again to rest after the difficult time they have at work.  Wait. What? Work? Never mind.


5 thoughts on “Cats on the Couch

  1. Cats are interesting creatures. I feed some stray cats and I enjoy watching them. I also haven’t seen any rats.

  2. Came to you from Neil’s. Those cats of yours would make me wheeze and sneeze for days. Not to mention make me hack and cackle and get all red and itchy. I just wanna eat a ton of Benadryl right now.

    • With the exception of the orange cat, they hate me and live to destroy my furniture, so really, I consider throwing them out of the house on a daily basis. Thanks for visiting!

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