Rangers Baseball

When the munchkins were tiny, Ed the Awesome decided he wanted to get a mini set of season tickets to see the Texas Rangers.  I agreed that it would be a fun outing for us and that I could leave the munchkins a home with his parents or my mother long enough for us to enjoy the games.  We enjoyed the 2005 season immensely.  I’m not sure how many games they won or lost, but Ed probably does.  The 2006 season was great too.  Same for 2007.  We didn’t even consider taking the boys to any of those games.  It’s hard enough for me to dodge fly balls without trying to shield an infant or toddler, so this wasn’t a hard decision for either of us.  But by 2008, I was reasonably confident in the boys walking abilities and firmly declared that this was the year that we would take the boys to a Rangers game.

We got to the game early to make sure we got the boys their special (free) batting helmets.  It was cold, so they opted to wear their  batting helmets over their jacket hoods.  These boys are fashionable!

They looked so big at the time, but now they look like they were just babies!

Three and a half was too young for them to appreciate the Rangers.  I had wanted them to see a game and they couldn’t have cared less.  I learned my lesson for that year.

I was not to be deterred though from my desire to have the boys appreciate and enjoy baseball!  We tried again when they were 4 1/2.  We got there early for them to get their free Josh Hamilton jerseys.  Can you see a trend here?  And with all of the food available at a ball game, the only thing they would eat was a hot dog.  At that point, I wondered whether or not they were my children.  They were still too young to enjoy seeing the game, or even to focus on anything happening on the field.

When they were 5 1/2, our endeavors were finally met with success!  They loved the game!  They actually watched a few minutes  of it.  Trip though has discovered the true joy of baseball games:  cute girls!  He spent almost the entire game starring at a couple of teenaged girls sitting behind us.

They were exhausted after the games!

The 2011 season is starting soon and I’m already excited!

2 thoughts on “Rangers Baseball

  1. You are such a great story teller, Amanda. Can’t wait to meet you and your family in person.

    Pam Cloer
    (Brie’s Mom)

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