Boys Playing

Hey Trip, can I take your picture on this gloriously beautiful spring day?

How about with a smile and open eyes?

No smiles. Okay. How about with a pout and your back to me?

That’s better.  I’m glad you can follow directions.  Now smile and turn your head completely away from me.

Very good!  Now give me a weird little look and hide your mouth.  I want your face to say, “Mom, you’re bothering me.  I’m contemplating the great mysteries of the universe.”

Yogie, how about you, son?  Can Mommy have a smile?

No smiles?  Okay.  How about a tongue roll?

Awesome!  How about a goofy face after I’ve had time to get the camera into focus?

You little munchkin!  That was a smile.  I wanted a crazy face.  Give me crazy and in focus!

So much better!!

We’re having an early spring here in Texas!  The temperatures have reached the 60’s and 70’s everyday, which does indeed mean that I’ve been able to wear shorts and sandals.

3 thoughts on “Boys Playing

  1. Great pictures! We all had a great time at the Dallas zoo on Saturday. The weather was beautiful. We rode the tram and saw an albino alligator.

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