Spring Flowers Finally Come to Texas

I think this is an azalea bush.  It’s blooming along with the unkempt bushes beside my house.  We aren’t really sure if it’s on our property or not and the neighbor feels the same way, so they grow wild and everyone leaves them alone.   

The azalea brightens our spring and every year I say I’m going to cut some branches to bring inside and every year I forget to cut them until it’s too late. Azalea branches should only be cut and brought inside before they start growing their leaves.  It’s Southern Gardening Law.  You heard it here.


Hungry, hungry bee!

Another of my neighbors has some beautiful flowering trees in their yard.  People will stare at you very strangely when you’re taking pictures of trees that aren’t  your own.    Oh, it’s  just me? Dang!

Would you really want to see a huge oak tree that still hasn’t dropped all of it’s leaves?  How about two in the front yard?  I thought not.  I didn’t want to take pictures of them either.  I’m ready for all of the dead leaves to fall off of the oaks already! 

For the last six years, every time this tree has bloomed the very pretty white flowers, I’ve had the worst sinus infections.  Not this year though, so I guess it’s actually another plant causing my discomfort. 

I love my daffodils.  These were here long before we bought the house.

I  planted these daffodils last fall and they inspired this post

I think this is a hyacinth.  Whatever it is, I planted it after receiving it last year.  My planting thumb is not completely decayed!

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