Romance around the Neighborhood

The boys and I ran into the Brindle Cat again.  She has taken up residence as he Head Mouser to our new neighbors behind us.  They have named her Beauty.  She is busy not eating mice and attracting suitors.

A big Tom is stalking Beauty.  I have a feeling there will be kittens around the neighborhood soon.  They WILL NOT be coming into my house. 

Beauty is doing her best to act uninterested.  I don’t think Tom is buying it.

Dang!  The pesky, snooping humans ruined the amorous mood Tom was setting for Beauty.  Because really, what’s more romantic than the side of a garage?

2 thoughts on “Romance around the Neighborhood

  1. There are cats in my neighborhood too. Cats are also abundant and sacred in Egypt. We saw stray cats all over Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

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